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Marble Surface

Vata Skin is usually dry to normal and is fine textured with small pores which shows signs of dehydration and scales when scratched. Even signs of aging and wrinkles as well as mature skin is symbolic of Vata.

Similarly, Vata Scalp is also dry which is unable to nourish the hair leading to dry, thin, frizzy,
and sometimes curly hair. A Vata imbalance may lead to excessive hair thinning and split ends.

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Pitta skin is sensitive and has pink tones with medium pores which is vulnerable to breakouts, sunburn, and acne. Pitta people will have a lot of glow and shine on the face.

Since Pitta is associated with heat, it may heat up the hair roots leading to premature greying and tendency towards hair fall. Pitta people will have lighter tones of hair but silky
and thin.


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Kapha skin is normal to oily and is smooth and well hydrated with larger pores around the nose and cheeks.

A kapha imbalance may cause some pustular breakouts as well as blackheads
Kapha hair is oily, smooth, thick, and soft. However, an imbalance in Kapha may lead to dandruff.


Goat Milk and Lavender Bar

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