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Why Advaitam

Because we know that you are looking for a beauty solution that’s pure, sustainable, and luxurious; a wellness range inspired by ancient rituals and relevant in today s sensibilities.

We understand that you want a product you can trust, one that goes beyond beauty and touches the inner realms of your conscious living

We realize that you want extraordinary results without compromise. You want to achieve exquisite inner and outer wellness.

Well, we want that too and that is why we handcraft our products in alignment with unique rhythms of your body (Ayurvedic Dosha) and energize them with compassion and positive affirmations.

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Vata,Pitta,Kapha or Satva, Rajas, Tamas

The Logo

Masculine Triangle

Sign of Infinity

Sign Of Creation

Healing the creation through Ayurveda

Feminine Triangle

  1. Upward pointed Triangle signifies masculine energy (As per Vedas).

  2. The downward pointed Triangle signifies feminine energy (As per Vedas).

  3. The overlap of two triangles is the core of Advaitam which says that anything in the world is the part of the larger energy- the super consciousness.

  4. In the center of two triangles is the sign of creation which happens when both male and female energies intermingle.

  5. At the base of creation is the sign of infinity meaning the energies may mingle in infinite ways to create infinite outcomes, but they will still be a part of super consciousness.

  6. The three circles outside define the three universal balancing forces which maintain physical balance (Vata-Air; Pitta-Fire & Kapha-Water) as well as Spiritual Balance (Satva- Harmony; Rajas-Passion & Tamas-Ignorance).

  7. The leaves all around signify the role of Ayurveda in maintaining the balance between these three universal balancing forces in a consciousness (Human body).

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