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5 Natural ways to keep chemically treated Hair Healthy

5 Natural ways to keep chemically treated Hair Healthy

The Celebration

One of my colleagues at my office Madura was getting married and like any other aspiring girl wanted to look her best on the best day of her life.

She had everything sorted out, her attire, her looks, make up, hair not only for the wedding day but also for engagement, pre wedding shoot as well as the reception.

Everything was so exclusive and so unique; I wondered how women have this kind of orientation to detail.

I was completely awed when I experienced this fairy tale wedding.

So, Madura joins the office back after 3 weeks and what I see is the whole thing has actually accentuated her aura and style.

And I welcome her back and compliment her for her looks but somehow, she doesn’t respond back that enthusiastically.

The Challenge

During the lunch time, she comes to me and tells me that she wants to meet my wife for an Ayurvedic consultation; Yes, I am married to an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Well, the reason is that she has experienced her hair thinning after some chemical hair treatment and color application and Inspite of doing the Keratins and the Hair Spas nothing is working.

The Inside Story

So, this is what my wife has to say friends-

The chemicals can dissolve the protective layer on hair strands, resulting in damage to the hair cuticle. Damaged, stripped cuticles are less able to retain moisture, which can result in dry hair. In extreme cases, a chemical treatment can result in redness, irritation, burning, or even hair loss.

The Ayurvedic logic for hair Fall:

As 5000-year-old Ayurvedic science believes that Indulgence in Kama (Undue Cravings), Krodha (Anger), Chinta (Overthinking / stress), Bhaya (Anxiety) causes Pitta Imbalance which leads to Hair fall and Premature Greying.

Frequent chemical treatments and unhealthy diet such as hot, spicy foods also lead to an imbalanced Pitta leading to damaged hair follicle as well as hair thinning, split ends and Hair fall.

The 5 Solutions

1. Stop the cause: Avoid Pitta aggravating foods like hot, spicy, sour, stale food. Avoid anger, stress and anxiety. Minimize chemical Hair treatments

2. Use Ayurvedic Hair oils. The ideal Hair oil for Hair regrowth is Neeli Bhringadi Tailam. This oil enriched with the goodness of Bhringraj also known as “Keshraj” (King of hair) when applied on scalp, penetrates the hair root, nourishes the hair follicles, revitalizes and smoothens the hair promoting thick and lustrous hair growth. Neeli Bhringadi oil also contains Yashtimadhu which is called the best Keshya (hair growth promoter) in Ayurveda. Neeli Bhringadi oil also contains Hair nourishing and thickening herbs like Shatkratu (Love in a Puff), Amla and Gunja. The oil contains four different kinds of milk – Cow milk, Buffalo milk, Goat milk and Coconut milk to give a variety of conditioning proteins and softening fats. The oil comes with the name Hair Revitalizing oil by Advaitam and is available on their website

It is also available on Flipkart and Amazon.

3. Nourish the Hair roots: Biotin in a dosage of 5 to 10000 IU can stimulate Keratin production and increase the rate of follicle growth

4. Improve your Dietary Habits: As per Ayurveda, Hair is an Updhatu of Asthi (Bones). So all calcium rich products are good. Esp. Roasted Sesame Seeds 1 TSPF first thing in the morning should be consumed. In the olden times Ivory powder was used for hair growth but since it is banned now, alternative sources of calcium are good. Goat milk consumption is also considered very good. Avoid Hot spicy food, set curd as well. Some Yoga like Suryanamaskar, Sheetali Pranayam and meditation also helps

5. Do not wash your hair with hot water, Do not use steam treatments for hair which is a normal practice in Salon. The logic which they give is that it stimulates blood circulation to the head but Ayurveda says it imbalances Pitta and leads to further hair fall in the long run.

The Result

It is now a month since Madura is doing all this and she is very happy with the result. Today she came and thanked me and my wife and I was motivated to write this blog so that the others can benefit as well.

The Verdict

A lot of people will claim this oil, that treatment for hair fall, but I think doing just one thing will not help.

It has to be a combination of all the above five steps to actually see a substantial result.

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