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Datura- A poison, an inspiration or a health herb

In my last blog when I mentioned some Ayurvedic ways to taking care of Dandruff, one of the remedies Datura got me fascinated.

I was only aware that Datura fruits are offered to Shiva during His worship, but any further benefit was completely unthought of.

So as usual, like a true seeker, took a seat right in front of my wife who is an Ayurvedic doctor to absorb all her pearls of wisdom.

And I asked her. Have you ever heard the song Datura by Tori Amos? To me, this song had always been about survival. It's about persisting, staying strong when you have all the reasons to give up.

She smirked and said, “You know, I don’t listen to western music, but Datura has always been a plant signifying survival and destroyer of negativity in Hinduism”

And as usual, I was speechless

The History

According to Vaman Purana, Shiva drank the entire poison which was produced by churning of the oceans to protect the world. He collected the entire poison in his throat and turned into a Neelkanth. Due to this a Datura plant erupted from his chest as a part of absorbing the entire world’s negativity and signifying persistence and survival. That is why it also got the name Shivpriya.

You mean Tori Amos got the idea from this story, I said.

I do not know that, but Datura is offered to Shiva to get rid of the poison of envy, terror, rivalry, foul language, and wicked nature so that one can become pure and get rid of all sin, my wife exclaimed.

So now, I have the real reasons to offer Datura to Mahadev on this Shivratri, Thanks; I said.


So, Does Datura also remove the negativity from the body and make us persistent? I mean What are the benefits of Datura in Human body. And since it is poisonous, is it safe to take? I bombarded her with so many questions.

Well, Since Cows are considered very holy in India because of their affection for everyone, similarly cow’s milk is used to detoxify Datura seeds. When Datura seeds are kept in cow milk for around 3 hours, they become nonpoisonous.

The Benefits-

1. So, these Datura seeds are amazing for Dandruff in a sesame oil base.

Advaitam Anti Dandruff oil reduces the fungal infections over scalp, cleanses the hair roots, increases blood circulation, and also help in hair growth.

2. Dhatura seed powder when applied on the skin brings glow and shine over the skin and at the same time also helps in wound healing. You can even use the antidandruff oil for skin esp the arms and legs

3. When it is consumed internally it relieves asthma by working like a bronchodilator

4. It also helps in reduction in sweating

5. Finally, it also reduces fever

Thanks for the info Ma’am, as thankful as I could be.

Completely unaware that a plant in our culture could mean soaking up of all negativity and teaching the world perseverance, persistence and never give up attitude clearly demarcated by beautiful white flowers above those thorny seeds.

No wonder in Tori Amos’s garden every plant died; only Datura survived.

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