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How to Get Rid of Dandruff- 5 Natural ways

The Usual

My daughter Khwahish has always been academically good. So that no one disturbs her during her studies, she is with her books in the nighttime studying till 1 AM.

I have observed my wife who is an Ayurvedic doctor, always telling my daughter to study in the Brahm muhurta (early morning) but I think everyone has their own productive hours of the day when our energies are high.

The Villain

Two weeks back Khwahish started complaining about itchy scalp and dandruff and my wife was quick to point out the reasons of this.

And you must listen to this –

As per Ayurveda the causes of Dandruff (Darunaka) are-

1. Awakening during the night

2. Excessive consumption of Sour foods

3. Drinking excessive cold water esp during winters & nighttime

4. Exposure to Dust or polluted air

5. Excessive sweating

6. Not washing Hair regularly

7. Dry Scalp or not applying oil regularly.

I was amazed because Khwahish was eating dried Mango squash mixed in curd a lot during that time and she always drinks cold water.

So, I asked my wife how this all would lead to dandruff; I mean what connection has cold water to that of dandruff.

And this is what she says-

All the reasons mentioned above lead to increased Vata. Vata my friends mean air. Since air is usually dry, cold and moving; any food product which is cold, dry or any activity which leads to exhaustion like waking long hours lead to increase in Vata.

When this Vata reaches the hair, it causes excessive dryness in the scalp leading to dandruff.

The sour foods intoxicate the Rakta Dhatu (Blood) which is also a reason behind dandruff

So, what do we tell Khwahish, I asked; She is scratching all day?

The Hero

The solution is simple, she said,

1. Stop the cause- Stop consuming sour, fermented cold foods and fluids. Avoid sunlight and taking a head shower with hot water.

Rather than staying awake all night, build a habit of waking in Brahm muhurta. The early hours in the morning are the best to study as per Ayurveda.

C’mon give me a practical solution. Who is going to wake up so early?

2. In that case the second best solution is to apply Hair oil regularly to balance Vata. Which oil, I asked?

Well start with application of Advaitam Neeli Bhringadi oil which keeps the scalp hydrated and nourished and prevents dandruff

But this is prevention, where is the cure?

I was getting impatient.

Hang on; Let us go to step 3

3. The best Anti Dandruff oil as per Ayurvedic Sahsrayogam is Dhurdhurpatradi Tailam.

What? Who will pronounce it; I smirked?

She said, just take Advaitam Antidandruff oil which is Dhurdhurpatradi Tailam only

Dhurdhur means Dhatura which we use to worship Shiva. Infact Dhatura was born out of Shiva’s chest and is associated with his Neelkanth status.

U mean it is poisonous? I said

Arrey No; she smiled. The oil contains Dhatura but enough to kill the dandruff, not you.

Dhatura has anti-fungal effect and also cleanses the Hair roots enabling cleaner scalp and quicker hair growth

4. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids & Vitamin E are good for the health of scalp. These include Flaxseeds, Walnuts, soybeans, salmons, sardines, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, spinach, pistachios, papaya, pumpkin.

5. In case there is still some dandruff left, go for a liver detox. Consume bitter things like Bitter gourd, fenugreek, neem leaves, chirayta or simply take any liver tonic

The Action

Thank you for the advice Ma’am, I said; Let s try on our daughter too.

So we made the necessary changes in the diet, started applying Advaitam Antidandruff oil and also gave her Syp Liv 52.

Couldn’t do the Brahm muhurta thing, but still things started looking better in a week. She is much better now.

The Verdict

With all the blogs, advertising, marketing I have always observed that people tend to glorify their own product at the cost of other necessary interventions.

My suggestion is to follow all 5 steps to generate optimum results and not just the application of one product

Keep oiling your scalp, keep oiling your body, stay warm, eat good food and Stay Happy


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