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Sandalwood- Spreading positivity...

I was humming the song Chandan Sa Badan (Popular Old Bollywood number) when I was suddenly questioned by my Ayurvedic doctor wife- How can be a body like Chandan?

Is it pertaining to nice body odour, (taking a cue from Sandalwood fragrance)? I said.

Well, the word Chandan comes from the Sanskrit word Chandati which means to shine , she said with her educated eyes.

And like an obedient pupil, I sat down to listen to her story.

Sandalwood was one of the five trees in Indra’s Garden besides Mandana, Parijata, Samtanaka & Kalp Vriksha and was responsible for the heavenly fragrance in his adobe.

Few even say that it was one of the trees around Sita’s Panchvati but I am not sure.

Infact when Raavana abducted Sita and was carrying her over Prasavaranagiri, he felt gratified by the fragrance of Sandalwood Forest underneath.

So, have you added Sandalwood powder and oil in your Rose & Sandalwood face mask because of the fragrance, I asked?

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She paused and smiled, and I was instantly aware that Sandalwood had much more to offer than just the fragrance.

For a start it has a cooling and calming impact on the skin and very good in cases of acne and other breakouts, she said. You must have seen people applying Sandalwood paste over their forehead in temples to keep themselves calm and focused. Infact a sandal paste on face brings down headaches and fever too.

Secondly Sandalwood is considered auspicious and brings good fortune. Vedas say it keeps the evil spirits away. No wonder Sandalwood is used in funeral pyres too.

Since Sandalwood is bitter in taste and has a cooling impact, it reduces Pitta and Kapha and ideal for normal to oily skin. Since it has a drying effect, it works like a perfect deodorant.

It is believed that the wind passing through it has the property to transform other trees into sandalwood which translates into its ability to spread positivity.

So, the calmness obtained by applying Sandalwood mask infects the surrounding people and brings about a positive change in them leading to serenity all around.

Wow, I never thought like that, I exclaimed!

Since summer is approaching, I can tell you an excellent coolant which will take care of your health needs, she said. Take 1 tspf of white Sandalwood powder with rice water and then consume one bowl of cold Kheer (Rice & Milk pudding).

Nice, I ll arrange for the sandalwood powder and you cook Kheer for me everyday, I smiled but also amazed to know about a treasure which not only impacts the wearer but also spreads positivity all around.

No wonder even the axe gets perfumed which cuts the sandalwood tree.

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