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The Advaitam Story.....

No day could have been better than the Earth Day to write this blog.

It just got triggered by an online purchase of an Ayurvedic cream, we discovered that the product contained not more than 1% Ayurvedic herbs.

Then we started looking for other Ayurvedic cosmetics and we were amazed to know that Ayurveda was just a façade created by marketers to make money. There were few good Ayurveda products too, but then they were too expensive for a common man.

And one routine day on the dinner table, Advaitam was born out of a conversation between both of us which kept on going and going and still has not stopped.

Yes, Advaitam was born out of companionship and a desire to realize our dreams of creating something authentic, something ethical, sustainable, ecofriendly something we have always believed in, with a lot of compassion and empathy for people searching for real classical Ayurvedic products in the market.

We decided to bring affordable luxury skin and hair care products that will be created the same way as mentioned in our Ayurvedic texts and offered in the same way as Ayurveda propagates.

We pride ourselves to be able to deliver products free from preservatives, chemicals, additives, fillers, foaming agents, binding agents, artificial colorants, and synthetic fragrance.

We adhere to the Ahimsa principle, that no living being should suffer from the benefit of using a food, plants and medicine and very proudly boasts ourselves as cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a foreign education, no B school degrees, no fat bank balance, no venture capitalists on our side. The knowledge of Ayurveda and the zeal to excel will keep us alive.

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