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Amla- The Hair Revitalizer (Vedas to the New World)

A Person who washes his Hair with Amla Juice attains Vishnu Loka by destroying all sins committed in this Yuga (Skanda Purana)

“No wonder you have added Amla juice in Advaitam Hair Revitalizing oil”, I said to my Ayurvedic Dr wife

Well, Amalaka in Sanskrit stands for sustenance or A fruit where Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi resides & that is the reason why it is related to Vishnu Loka; she responded with her academic looks.

Awestruck like always and curious to know more; uncharacteristically I was all ears to her now.

No other fruit is as glorified as Amla in Vedas and other Hindu sacred texts.

Amla or Amalaka is also called Dhatri which means a nursing mother because of the nourishment its fruit provides at both physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual level.

Are you aware of the origin of Amla, she asked?

Mmmm, no, I said

Well, both Parvati and Lakshmi wanted to worship Vishnu and Shiva in a very different manner. The whole experience of worshipping was so emotionally satisfying that tear drops came through their eyes which converted into Amla tree. One more reason Amla is so close to Vishnu.

So many more stories but I ll stick to its role on health esp Hair health and skip the Vedic references; she said.

Spirits and Ghosts do not live on Amla trees, which means it is never bounded by any negativity and like a Dhatri always cares for you.

One gets the ultimate merit (Punya) if he feeds people under an Amla tree; esp a childless couple.

From an Ayurvedic perspective it has 5 out of 6 Rasas and is able to balance all three Doshas in the body.

As per Ayurveda Hair fall happens when an imbalanced vata carries imbalanced Pitta to the scalp which due to its heat burns the hair roots leading to hair loss. Accumulation of imbalanced Kapha stops hair regrowth.

Since Amla because of its drying nature balances Kapha, because of its cold nature balances Pitta and because of Sweet and sour taste balances Vata; it comes across as an ideal remedy for arresting Hair fall.

Since getting fresh Amla juice on regular intervals can be a challenge, we have done a Tail Pakam (cooking Amla juice in oil) of Amla juice with coconut oil to keep it relevant in Advaitam Hair revitalizing oil.

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From a modern perspective, it has tannins, gallic acid, iron which help in stimulating hair roots for a hair regrowth. Moreover, it also strengthens the hair roots to increase life of hair. Vitamin C and Tannins also prevents premature greying.

You mean, since I am applying it regularly, I am very much eligible to attain Vishnu Loka. I winked.

You will cross the bridge when you get there- She responded

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